Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I've decided that...

Things that piss you off or irritate you are not as funny as they seem... Obviously, since they're only things that irritate you. There is a potential for humor there, but I think a lot of fledgling comedians like myself are ego-centric enough to think that what burns their behinds makes for good comedy... and I don't think that that's true for the most part. Then again, delivery matters as well.

I could go on forever about how the weak-kneed little men who scurry away when you try to make eye contact... how much they bother me... when they rear and avert their eyes, as if you're undressing them with your eyes when you ask them 'which floor' in the elevator. Working in the 'tech' industry, I work in an environment that's infested with these little creatures.

I could also say something about how it seems to me that people in the Northwest do their share of moping and whining... but then I've attributed most of this behavior to over-consumption of tofu-products (high in estrogen) and the constantly gloomy weather.

Also, I often find that the things that really burn me are things that most people find acceptable, bearable, or even normal. So perhaps being irritated or showing my irritation isn't the best way of handling these subjects. Maybe, it's simply better to point out how absurd these situations may be. For instance, I was driving to work and listening to the radio. I happened to rest the dial on a morning talk-show. It's one of your average shows with the average joe morning radio dj's who may remind you of the spouting jackass at your work who hangs around your cubicle entry or the snack area trying to make small-loud talk with his office mates. A woman calls in to ask for advice...

First of all...I have to ask this woman... why is she asking radio dj's for advice. If they could actually give this sort of advice, they probably wouldn't be a morning talk-show host.

Her question (in a very small nutshell) was should I pursue a love interest over a career. In a cherry pit, or otherwise- "Should she go for 'love' or for 'money.'" As a result, this woman had dozens of men calling in urging her to make the choice for "love." One man insisted that she 'needed someone to grow old with.' I don't even want to apologize for what may be perceived as the rantings of a bitter and jaded woman, but doesn't it seem that you take a chance at 'love' any way? Why sink all your hopes into one 'leaky' fucking basket? If true love happens, it happens. If something will last and stand the test of time, it will. But I think many people including men (and I'm assuming that those men who called in that morning aren't immune to such a syndrome) have made some shitty mistakes in terms of the partners they've picked because they're more concerned with NOT BEING ALONE... than WHO THEY WILL ACTUALLY END UP WITH.

It doesn't make any sense to me... how stupid people are... it probably doesn't make any sense to anyone. So let's just leave it be for now, Imo.


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