Friday, January 30, 2004

The tide may be turning, but I've had enough of the ocean

I suppose that the job market is growing every day. It's still not going to be what it used to be pre 2001.

Those people who have been unemployed for the past year or so... bless them. They're ready to get back into the swing of things. On the other hand, the folks who were working all this time may need a rest. Yes, we were lucky enough to have jobs, but many of us found ourselves swinging the load of those people who were let go. We never hired that extra head and a half that we needed to fulfill our goals... so two of us here in that group made up the difference. A half a job doesn't seem that much to add to one's regular responsibilities but after you add up the extra hours that were taken from you life... it's an equation for burn out.

A week ago it was announced that my group would have to find financial support outside the department. This is a nice way of saying I suppose that if we don't find a way for someone to take up our cause and financial burden... we'll be history by the end of the year. This way management doesn't have to say that their laying off or even redeploying heads. It sort of lends a rather optimistic ring to things.

I wasn't too surprised, and I felt relieved in a way because now I truly had an incentive to look for work elsewhere. This explains my latest push to revise my resume, etc. It also explains my frequently recurring fantasies of living like a aimless bohemian.


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