Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Tie My Tubes Please

I don’t normally do this…
But I got stoned the other night…

People when the get high… usually get silly or reflective… they become their true selves... I suppose....I become what people least expect me to become...I become a neurotic jew.

I'm just a 'little' stoned.
I started to watch my dog running around, yes while I was stoned… and I noticed that he was sort of skipping… or he had some weird sort of affectation in his walk… I mean to me he looked like he was moving like this…

What’s wrong with him? Oh my god he has Mad Cow. He’s retarded.

Someone had to finally point out to me… that I was just stoned.

This is why I shouldn’t have a child… that and whenever I hear a baby scream the only thing I can think of is how to shut it up; how to make it stop... and this usually doesn’t involve soothing the infant gently.


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