Sunday, February 01, 2004

"Friends" and Cavemen

in my college anthro class materials (years ago)... that talked about how ironic it was that people often perceived aboriginal life or life as a primitive to be much more harsh with out the comforts provided by a modern industrial world. In comparison an average adult works more than a 40 hour week. For the aborigines in Australia... the most work they would do (hunting and gathering) took a few hours. The rest of the time... leisure time... would be spent telling stories... and sleeping. So was life as a primitive that hard?

I ask myself this when I see the perfect aparment with the perfect furniture in it on television. I think of how much more stress I would undergo if I got to have these pretty things or to have the perfect house, a nifty brand new car, and with it the perfect life. I think to myself, "I can have a pretty nice life and fairly good things without having to undergo the torment. I don't enjoy beating myself up. I don't enjoy multi-tasking to the point where I have no un-tasked moments or I have to schedule my 'breathing' time. Wouldn't I be happier just living a simpler life. Enjoying good things but spending my money on them judiciously... and over a longer period of time?

I wouldn't have to be that perfectly organized and primped up blond woman in HR who wears cute little appliqued snowmen on her sweater during the holidays. I wouldn't have to be like that 23 year old guy just graduated from college who doesn't understand that there's a whole life outside of going to McMennamin's pubs and renting videos or making love to his Xbox on the weekends. I should be careful here... I don't want to be too critical of what people feel comfortable with. I simply don't want to be surrounded by all of whatever that half of society loves and adores.

I should just admit that I don't fit in with the type of folks who would rather stay at home rubber-stamping hearts and daisies and watching "Friends." Darn, that it's going of the air. The show has always seemed to be a transplant of suburban life to the 'big city.' People could live vicariously through the people on the show (I don't know their names)... and imagine what it was like to live there. I lived in NYC for three years and none of the people I met or worked with bore any resemblance to the "Friends" cast. Okay, Imogene... 1.) It's just a T.V. show and 2.)If you knew people like that they wouldn't be your friends.


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