Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Happy Mardi Gras!

I brought in two king cakes from the Beaverton Bakery today, and neither of them had a baby in it. Oh well, I guess we will not have Mardi Gras at work this year.

If someone really wanted to allow me to celebrate Fat Tuesday properly they would give me a Hurricane and a Daiquiri to follow.

I read once that holidays such as Mardi Gras were what you called 'topsy turvy' days where the poor could pretend to be rich or at least live their fantasies by dressing in fabulous costumes. This definitely seems to be the case in that old film Orfeu Negro where the characters living in the poverty of the favela spend every cent in their pockets on their Carnival clothes.

Someone pointed out to me today that we really shouldn’t bank on having holiday’s punctuate our daily boredom throughout the course of a year with a special bang. We should be celebrating who we are and what we love every day of the year. Did I just sound like a real new age schnook?


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