Saturday, February 14, 2004

I'm very happy...

in the relationship that I'm currently in, so you can't accuse me of being a jaded and slightly bitter single woman when I say, "Valentines Day is a crock of shit." I don't need to be bathed in pink and red hearts or be courted with boxes of Godiva chocolates. Ten years ago, I came to the conlusion that Valentines Day really doesn't serve to make anyone happy except for the corporations and industries that profit from the sale of all the crap that is marketed for this holiday. I noticed that many people on the road to day, and in the stores, the grocery and bakeries seemed harried and pressured to purchase gift items, foods, chocolates, heart-shaped diamond pendants, power tools, large hams, or patio furniture for their loved ones. I shouldn't gripe so much because after all spending is a good thing in a healthy economy, but who are we kidding here?

Too many people are suffering the consequences of bad budgeting and over-spending. Holidays that encourage us to spend money don't help us one bit. For instance, Christmas isn't just Jesus' birthday anymore, it all about feeling pressured to buy a lot of things for your family and kids. You have to make sure your children don't feel like pariahs when they return to school after the Christmas break and they have to listen to other children brag about what their parents bought for them. Too many people live under the assumption that you should bust your credit card out for this one occasion and then pay for during the following year. I believe that Valentine's day and other similar holidays are just a scaled down version of Christmas. Miniature spending flurries. Now Mother and Father's Days are legitimate holidays because (if you love and respect your parents) you should give them their due or at least tell them that you remember them. However, I don't see too many people going and taking out the cash for a home entertainment system for their folks.

For me, if I want to celebrate my appreciation for someone it comes in the form of good food. Of course J helped in coming up with the menu and we ended up cooking together. It's nice to work in a team that way you can take turns cleaning up the dishes as you go along hence avoiding that huge pile of dishes and pans that stacks up when you're done.

Dinner menu for February 14th

Not sure I enjoyed the acidic tartness of the pancetta and onion dressing. Next time I would substitute rice vinegar for the regular white vinegar. I was forgetful and roasted the entire head of garlic instead of saving a portion for the minced garlic for the beurre blanc. So I used about six cloves of roasted garlic instead. The result was a much milder and more subtle hint of garlic in the sauce for the scallops, and I think it didn't compete too much with the great flavor of the saffron.


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