Saturday, February 21, 2004

In search of a sense of style...

Three things I do not want in my next home
1. Wicker
2. Dried floral arrangements (potpourri included)
3. Bamboo
4. Indian cotton tapestries

My roommate is moving out and I need to find a new one. I have decided that provided my economic situation is good or even better in by the end of the year, I will be looking for a condominium (to buy). I have also come to the conclusion that I do not want to have the above four items in my new home (or my current one for that matter) for the following reasons: 1. It feels like my home is some flashback to a 70's peace commune 2. Most of the above mentioned items are dust magnets. Wait, I forgot there's one more thing that I don't want: macramé! Sofia has been a great roommate, but her taste and mine don't exactly match. I don't know if I have a set taste in things. I'd have to explore this idea further to find out.

I do think that each of us have personal likes and we can create an individual style that fits our aesthetic needs comfortably. I'm only guessing but it seems that if we pay attention to the things that bring us joy then we're probably one step in the right direction. Many people today are far too busy to take the time to really examine what their style is, so they opt for looking to experts for help. I can't say that I'm not guilty of doing this.

Maybe I should stop and ask myself a few questions and give some answers:
1. What sort of clothes do you enjoy wearing? Do you have a categorizable style such as 20's, retro 50's, hipster(hope not)

2. When you seek to be in a natural setting where would you be:

a. On a beach in the West Indies
b. In a forest richly draped with foliage such as ferns and ivy
c. In the mountains
d. In a red rocky desert
e. On a Mediterranean island looking down at the azul sea
f. Screw all that. I prefer to be indoors

3. Name three colors that you love (include colors that appear in your wardrobe often.)

4. Describe three non-functional objects that you own that you feel very close to. These are items that you enjoy and have had for a few years. You wouldn't think of ever parting with them.


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