Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Working in a cubicle environment can be quite challenging... ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE WON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP AROUND YOU!!.... in the beginning I was being nice about this... asking people to keep their voices down politely and then eventually just buying a pair of really good headsets so I could filter out the sounds with my music.

My friend down the aisle is particularly plagued by the loud verbal interaction that occurs in the hallway as well as those people who are trying to make phone calls away from the prying ears of their group by using the hallway phone for private calls. He's come up with quite a creative solution for dealing with these loud interlopers. Each time a conversation starts right outside his cube, he'll just sit on a whoopie cushion. I think it's a brilliant idea. He came up with it after I noted my urge to suddenly make loud flatulent noises in my cubicle at random times... just to see how other people would react.

Originally he had made a sign that said: How about a nice cup of joe and shut up while your at it. Don't hold conversations in the hallway. I had suggested (yes, me) that he tone the sign down a bit. So I made a sign that would sort of appeal to the generic office persona. "Please BEEEE QUIET. Don't hold your conversations in the hallway." (I put a stupid corny Microsoft Clipart Bee on the bottom). What Cheese!

Our group would solve this entire problem (distractions from conversational noise) by setting up a public lounge area for people to relax and release some steam, and oh my god- socialize...but I don't think that they would smile upon such a suggestion. Not terribly good for production... look at those people in the 3rd world, they don't need to talk or socialize... powerhouses of work and productivity those people!


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