Thursday, February 26, 2004

Something to chew on... for later

Today we received an email from the department manager telling us that we were $20 million under spent! Duh!... okay, I have to add that that's a big fat fucking...


What do you expect when you coerce your staff into foregoing any already budgeted funds for training, software, office supplies, etc.? All for the sake of saving money and looking good! Looking good for whom?!!! As a result many groups in the department did not hire additional contracted heads to take over some of the extra work that's been holding them down. Consultant dollars for new projects were not spent, and the people grew hungrier and more discontent by the work week.

So I was asked today by my manager if we needed anything. Here's my list:

1.) A contractor/admin to take some of the administrative work we've all had to pick up since we dropped our admin head during one of the ''slim-down" sessions.
2.) Two extra servers
3.) Three extra therapy sessions a month for me
4.) A big fat office lounge with couches, plants, and amenities for all the tired employees that work here.
5.) The computers and hardware we've been requesting to do our testing on the labs.
6.) A brand new computer for everyone who's had to contend with the crashes and rebuilds at least every 4 months because our IT group doesn't know how to build them properly or apply security patches effectively. Each time you loose your build you have to re-install all your software and reconfigure all your settings. Although this doesn't seem like such a big deal. Every time I've had to do it it's taken me at least two (8 hour) days to get my laptop environment back to where I want it. I have a number of customized tools and database connections that I created to make my job run much more smoothly on a daily basis.


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