Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Tupperware anyone or how about some Kleenex?

Hello, I normally don't want to write about this, uh, in public, but it's just the release of Mel Gibson's new movie is making me feel a bit uneasy. I don't have a problem with people's religious backgrounds or their conviction in their faith. Faith is a good thing to have in hard times; however, in the past I have been invited (unwittingly most of the time) to a number of church gatherings held by evangelicals, and each time I feel like I'm being invited to some pyramid scam meeting and they're trying to sell me a bunch of crap that I don't want.

I understand who Jesus is and I respect his teachings just as I admire those of Buddha and Mohammed, but I dread having to be around thousands of the devout who are crying and ranting about me. Several years ago I was invited to this "youth group" meeting by someone. Of course it ended up being a revival. There were people crying all around me. People getting up in front of a large crowd 'testifying.' The person who invited me urged me to get up there and talk about my relationship with her brother. I got up and left. I was raised Catholic. Normally we go into a quiet little closet and relate our problems to some old repressed gay guy who can't possibly empathize with what's going on in our lives. If she thought I was going to start blubbering with these idiots she was on a long trip to Neptune.


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