Thursday, February 12, 2004

What I can do in an hour:

I can look up someone’s training history, search through the address book for managers for a certain department or group, find out the employee codes for a handful of folks, enter a dozen names into a database, schedule three classes using an outlook form for each one, skim over the homepage of the company intranet news, eat a protein bar, make arrangements for lunch, answer three questions verbally, answer four e-mails, and two phone calls.

What I can do in the next hour and a half:

Install the latest updates and symbols on MS Windows XP(TM), take apart a computer and attach and additional drive, prep the drives for duplication, answer three e-mails, sit in a teleconference meeting, participate when I am needed, run indicators or stats for my weekly report, send out registration notices with updated links (for automatic registration), write a 250 word newsletter snippet, add a quick entry in this blog (for my sanity), flip a co-worker off (playfully), update a website with a newly opened class, write my weekly status report and send it off.

My god, it took a whole hour and a half. I must be wasting precious company time. I'm so sorry.

Damn, I need to go work out.


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