Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast (and other simple pleasures)

A co-worker just left these mini-chocolate cakes with chocolate chunks at the bottoms out. I couldn't resist. As Bill Cosby rationalized: It has eggs in it.

Last night I at the most amazing meal at Buckman's Bistro. My meal:

-Gnocchi with lamb sausage in a sauce made with leeks and fresh cream
-Tossed mescalun greens with apple cider vinaigrette
-and a brioche tart with Zabaglione dotted with dried fruits.

What my dinner companions ate (and we all shared):
- Lamb medallions with hazelnuts in a wine reduction
- Caramelized onion tart
- Spaetzel (little German dumpling noodles) with caramelized onions and chevre (this dish is one of my absolute favorites. I usually order it when I come here).
- Spiced lentil soup
- Coconut custard tart
- Triple chocolate and peanut butter pie

It sounds like a glutinous affair, but It actually was not. Buckman's is known for its reasonably priced European faire, and the dishes are served in reasonable portions. This is no Applebees or frozen seafood steakhouse with spongy cheese sticks or margarine slathered crusts of bread. The dishes are all served ala carte so you can choose what you'd like. Plus the desserts are pretty fabulous. For the price it's a good meal all around, and to top that they have a liquor license. My drink for the evening: a French Martini (Ketel One vodka, Pineapple Juice, Chambord).

This restaurant is really quite a gem because it's one of the few places where you do feel quite satisfied even though you did not completely stuff yourself. You can savor the harmonious blend of the chevre and onions with the delicate texture of the lightly buttered egg and flour dumplings (spaetzel). This side dish could actually serve as a meal in it self if served in a larger portion, but then you wouldn't get a chance to eat it with a quarter chicken roasted with an orange-rosemary, apricot and honey glaze. Somehow the cook really does a terrific job of harmonizing all the tastes and coordinating the dishes on his menus.

Buckman's Bistro


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