Friday, March 19, 2004

Emotional Intelligence

According to an article I read on line (Corporate Leadership Council), a person who is endowed with emotionally intelligent prowess has a keen ability to perceive emotions, access and generate emotions (in others as well), understand emotions, comprehend emotional knowledge, reflectively regulate emotions. According to Victor Dulewicz and Malcolm Higgs emotional intelligence has the following “six core elements:”

  • Self awareness

  • Emotional management

  • Empathy

  • Ability to handle relationships

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Personal Style

For the past few months I’ve been associating some of the regimented attitudes and behaviors necessary for being successful here at work as being embodied in the kind of persona who you wouldn’t exactly invite to a cocktail party. If the Fitzgerald’s were at one end of the spectrum then most of the people that work here are at the other end. You need to be highly disciplined to work in this environment and to get things accomplished; however, I think that the culture that has been built around this company has attracted and developed a large population of people who find it difficult to live creatively, or people who find the usual hum-drum solutions to problems. Maybe this is simply just the way things need to be in a corporate environment. Maybe I’m just seeing the dysfunction of the group I work in. Who knows?

There are a few amazing people (in other groups) here who are very bright and incredibly motivated. They develop new and wonderful tools and solutions. They press their innovations forward and are rewarded accordingly; however, I think that our overall business group has become plagued by the usual symptoms of dysfunctional bureaucracy: project creep, lack of alignment with the mission and goals, overworked and disgruntled employees, poor management of employees as resources, and lack of strong and charismatic leadership.

I have encountered a few people here who I’d truly consider to be emotionally intelligent (at least by the definition above). I often found myself wishing that I could work for them or in their groups. Me personally, I don’t consider myself to be highly intelligent, emotionally… at least by the corporate definition above. Why if I were gifted in such a way, would I be releasing my angst here in this blog?


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