Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Fugu that!

No, I'm serious. All this talk about uni, ikura and sashimi and has made me recall that episode of the Simpsons where Homer eats the fatal posion of the blowfish. You know, I would never take such a risk. Well, maybe I would have ten years ago when I was too stupid, sheltered, and inexperienced that I was actually hungry for the stimulation that might come from taking such a gamble.

There is a part of me that is very attracted to the consistent and staying in my comfort zone. But even as I write this I wonder, have a truly become so complacent and reluctant to take risks. For a brief moment I feel this nostalgic yearning to do something impulsive like throwing pingpong balls from a third story fire escape on to the sidewalk, eating goats eye-balls, or climbing a rock cliff with my bare-hands. Then I remember that I've done my share of experimenting. It's not as if I will never take another risk again in my life. After all, isn't that how we move forward? It's just that I don't want to try as hard to be excited. Is this what it means to age gracefully?


(Oops... I had to edit the text... below. Bad English. This is what happens when you blog in a hurry)
(definition from Japanese Dictionary of History and Traditions)
alternative words: Globefish, Swellfish
related topics: Sashimi , Tofu
related web sites: http://www.enjoy.ne.jp/~tokutpk/siomura/ , http://www.fukurakusya.co.jp
explanation: Globefishes have been highly appreciated in Asian countries, especially in Japan. But beware, the liver and the ovary are highly poisonous. You should eat only the dishes prepared by licensed persons. The most common dishes are Chirinabe (fillets are boiled in a pot with vegetable and tofu) and Sashimi (fish is cut off into very thin fillets). Shimonoseki city, in the extreme west of Hoshu, is best known for their fugu dishes.


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