Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Just a little clarification regarding my feelings on sexual personae and identity

I repsonded to a very asute posting on Car Alarms are Really Sensitive on2/29, and I just wanted to clarify my position a little bit. I may have sounded harsh when I replied to someone who was stating that they wanted the best of both worlds in a virgin/whore combo:

Everyone has a fetish for something, but you know I think that when we stop seeing the person we're involved in as a person, we begin to objectify them. If you wanted a hooker you would have paid for one.

I've got to say, that if you want to be free sexually and enjoy random partners or even enjoy a bit of virgin or whore, or even a bad boy in bondage or whatever sparks your fancy. That's your business. I don't think that there's anything wrong with that. On the otherhand, I caution anyone who does engage in this to do a reality-check with their (hate to use this corny phrase) heart to make sure that's what they really want. If that's the case, then... keep plenty of condoms and lube on hand and party safe!


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