Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Need a husband?

I looked up at the header/ad banner and I saw:
Help Your Husband
Protect the whole family from porn Our filter has no password override
Find a Christian Husband
Meet Christian men that are looking to get married. Free trial.

I think i'd find the last one less than useful. Can you imagine? Maybe I've got some preconceptions about the men who populate this office.
Lame in the head
Lame in bed

Bad, bad girl. You are stereotyping. And by the way... why should you protect yourself from porn? Porn allows me to think with a clear head. As if porn is some disease that will make you loose your sight or appendages.

Ohhhh, ohhhh.... I just refreshed the blog and here's another useful ad.

Understand Your Man -
Take the first step toward a lasting relationship !

I want to vomit now...

I follow the link and I find an ad for a book:
Men Made Easy

Now I want to re-write the title so it reads:
Men are Easy - (Understanding how to satisfy yourself... now that's HARD)

Puh-lease! Does this woman, the author, think that's she's actually cornered the market on understanding men? I don't think that this any more helpful than most of those bullshit articles you'll find in your average woman's mag. Understand yourself first.

If this woman is actually a 'best-selling' author, that only attests to the fact that most of us are lost when it comes to understanding what makes us happy. After reading the titles to the rest of her books, I come to the conclusion that the audience for these books still bases most of their happiness from their relationships with men. Don't get me wrong, I do feel that anyone can benefit from a healthy (love/sex/emotional) relationship (with either sex) when the partnership is right. Still, the literature marketed in this ad leads me to believe that many of us are still looking for these connections just to have them... aye, the call of desparation rings loud.

Here's the link to the ad, if you're curious or just want a laugh.


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