Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Pardon me, but did you say you had a yeast infection?

I've come to the conclusion that if I worked in a skeevy bar, I'd be the straight as an arrow. You see I have this tendency to revolt and take a 180 degree detour from what seems to be happening in my current environment. Though, you know even the most average flock has a nasty wolf lurking about. I think Helen Gurley Brown (author of Sex and the Single Girl) once said:

No office anywhere on earth is so puritanical, impeccable, elegant, sterile or incorruptible as not to contain the yeast for at least one affair, probably more. You can say it couldn't happen here, but just let a yeast raiser into the place and first thing you know-bread!

Still, if that's the case in this place we must be making a lotsa matzoh. I have no desire to bake bread in my workplace as I don't feel that the necessary ingredients for my recipe are at hand.


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