Monday, March 29, 2004

A place to put my stuff

That's what I'm looking for. It may seem like as simple as George Carlin's description of a home, but I've discovered that looking for an affordable and agreeable place to live in this town is more than a challenge. Property value in Portland has steadily gone up. While I was in not in the financial place to buy two or three years ago, I'm finding myself regretting not spending money I didn't have to invest in real estate.

Each Sunday as we begin our search through each seeming agreeable neighborhood, we start looking at the homes closer to downtown. We inevitably discover that they are far too expensive and start looking further out, and further out... until we end up in the dreaded suburbs. I start looking at homes that have bad paint jobs, broken windows, jungle-like landscaping, and a rusty impala in the yard and I start to think... "Hey, I actually might be able to afford that shithole," or "A little blood, sweat and tears and some new lineoleum and I think this house might actually meet building code standards."

Right now, I'm seriously looking further out in North Portland at least near the MAX tracks. At least this area has some promise. We'll see, we'll see.


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