Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Rap for my aisle neighbors

It's past 6:30. Yes, I'm still here. and probably will be for the next two hours. Though I might have been able to leave an hour early if I didn't write in this blog today. You know, I'm going to just going to openly rationalize my actions here. This blog is the closest thing that I have right now to my therapy. More, I can go back and look at my bitching and say every now and then. Hey, it's time to start dealing with your problems instead of just writing them down.

My neighbors are still here too and they're still just as noisy. I think I might want to work the final version of the googlism poem below into a song/rap. I was riding home in the car and I made up my own little rhyme to a beat. Of course someone probably has already done this and, as always, I'm just too pop-culturally retarded to have figured this out.

I said...

I'm trying to work here!
But there ain't any walls to block your sound.

Aye, this is juvenille... so it's still in progress... I need to work on this some more.


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