Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Re-tooling mania

No, I'm not talking about gay porn. If there's one thing I've noticed about the corporate world (and my views maybe stilted because I've only experienced corporate life here in the the land where only the paranoid survive) you are consistently rewarding for building new tools not maintaining the ones that are in place that actually work. A few people here are savvy and have picked up that if you take an old tool, re-vamp it, re-name it or give it a new spin, you can actually get credit for creating something new.

However, this is a place where people love to build things. I can understand and can relate to this; however, and I hate to type one more corpu-speak phrase, some people persist in ignoring some good ideas and processes already in place because the uphold the attitude that they don't want to use tools that were not invented here (or by them). So there's a bit of an ego issue that comes into play in this insistance that it's better to build all tools from scratch. I have wanted to sit in staff meetings every time someone wants to do this and hold up a bicycle wheel (a big fat one made out of stone, though more appropriate, would be too heavy for me to lift).

Now, a good part of my job consists of using older processes many of which I developed earlier in my career here. There is no reason to re-tool many of these processes because they have already been honed to the point that the only thing I could do better was to delegate these processes/tools (god, I'm already tired of using this term) to someone else, but there's no one else to give this to because we got rid of (excuse me let go of the one person beneath me). I've already tried pushing my work back out, but eventually it finds it's way back to me. After all, the job needs to get done.

I'm sorry if I'm boring you.


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