Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Response to Julia

In response to your Posting on Car Alarms are Really Sensitive Friday, March 19, 2004

Wow, I read this and I was overwhelmed... in a good way. I think I've experienced some of the same apprehensions you've expressed here. You are very right to want to avoid being involved with that person because you don't want to be dragged into his fantasy -ala denial. At the very least because you simply find it uncomfortable for you. I asked similar questions to those you do of prospective dates... about being married, gay, etc. Or I got good at weeding out information fairly accurately via conversation. I did early on have a run-in with a few guys who had the O-fetish (Oriental fetish) thing, and this set me back a bit in my ability to trust some men. I hate to be blunt and course but these episodes made me feel soiled and as if I was not being seen as a person. Then again, there's a bit of sexual play sometimes that becomes attractive when you divorce yourself from the person or sexual partner and enjoy the sex purely for the sex. However, that is another issue that I will not touch here. Despite those "O" encounters, I, like you, began to become more selective or raised the criteria a bit.

You've opened up a great many topics and tangents that I'd like to write about as well... if I only had the time and could type faster.

My questions:
1. Do you have goals that extend past economic survival/success?
2. Do you own a gameboy? (or Xbox, or gamecube, whatever...) Do you spend more than 15% of your free time playing it? (I don't have any issues with people who own or play them, it's just those people who take a week off just so that they can play for more than 8 hours straight)


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