Monday, March 01, 2004


I think a few years ago I admitted that If I could be anyone from the historical past, I would be a Roman. Of course, the decadent languor and extravagant banquets draw me to this time. To be truthful and realistic it would only be good to be a roman if you were butt-rich by ancient Roman standards and owned a good number of slaves. Obviously I would have to be a man. It would suck to be a woman during the Classical period, unless of course I was one of those Greek concubines, a hetaera. In severely patriarchal societies the courtesans are usually the only women who have any real freedom. Didn't you see Dangerous Beauty?

Though, I don't think I would be very good at attending orgies.

"Can I pick who I want to be with at this thing?"
"I really don't think I could do this with you here. Uh, but if you want to go a hotel room... a four star at least, I'd be happy to oblige you."
"Good God! Do you think I would actually let you on me after you were squirming on that piece of trash over there."


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