Monday, March 29, 2004

The Universal Dumpling

I am and forever will be a dumpling FREAK. There's something about having your food in nice neat little packages or small sized nuggets that delights the gastronome's soul. It may be that having smaller morsels and a variety to choose from, as in dim sum, allows you to engage in a sort of pseudo-gluttony and enables you to try a little bit of everything that passes by on those steaming carts. Or perhaps it's just the concept of having the comfort of smaller sized portions of carbohydrates as in your average sized serving of chicken and dumplings. Whether it's rice cakes or spaetzel, I've always held a very soft spot for the dumpling.

I did a quick search to find what I could about dumplings:

The World's Largest Rice Dumpling
I wonder if all of these rice dumplings were all eaten.

Scottish Dumplings:
There are Scottish dumplings called Cloutie Dumplings that are traditionally associated with Halloween.

Don Knotts and Dumplings:
The Apple Dumpling Gang was fillmed my my home state of Oregon.

Dumplings Save a City in China:
Dumplings are tied to folklore of the city of Xi'an in China. The dumplings of Xi'an are called jiaozi and some of these come in the shape of a chicken.

Russian Wonton Soup:
Pelmeni are the russian version of the wonton.

French Don't Eat Dumplings:
They eat quenelles.

That's Why those Tiny German Dumplings (Spaetzel) Look So Cute:
You use one of these to make them. Spatzle is often called the "noodle" of Austria and Germany.

An International Affair:
Dumplings are truly universal. As evidenced here in this article catalogueing the number of different varieties around the world. Boy, would I love to see a dumpling index.


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