Thursday, March 25, 2004

When I am old

I was driving to work this morning across the Freemont Bridge, and I found myself following this courier van that had the following painted on the rear window in big white letters: Seniors Ala Cart.

Now, of course the first thing I thought was:
"Soylent Green is People"

Then immediately afterwards:
"Have we stooped so low that we're now eating old people?"

Then I think:
"If I were a cannibal, I'd only eat vegans."

If I was a senior, I'd have to be pretty far gone to get in that vehicle. I mean that is just demeaning. Heh, I'm an old person so I guess you have to "cart" me around now. I understand that the correct meaning of the business should be inferred by the spelling: ala cart. After all it did not say ala carte. Still, it just doesn't sound right.

I myself cannot wait to be an older citizen. They may not respect elderly folks as much in this society, but you can still pretty much say what ever you have on your mind! After all, if you've lived that long, you've earned it.

Besides I can just envision myself at kareoke nights at the folks home. Grandma sings Nine Inch Nails. Not that I really like them or anything, just want to stir things up a bit.


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