Monday, March 08, 2004

You know I have just a little pet peeve...

It's when the colloquial abbreviations for things suddenly appear in print or become the normally used term or name for the original object, thing, institution. I can't begin to explain how this gets to me. You could run a fingernail across a chalkboard (if they exist anymore) and it wouldn't bother me as much. Here are some examples:

Les Miserables - Les Mis
Washington State University - WAZZU ( this is the pronunciation of the acronym for the university, WSU. I think what really gets to me about the word is I associate it with the common phrase: up the wazzu, which always struck me as a phrase used edumacated folks who use terms like whole nother).

Also, I've had it with ACRONYMS. Though I do get a laughed every now and then when someone unwittingly comes up with an inappropriate combination of letters. I swore the other day I saw A.R.S.E. up on the white board in a meeting.

By the way, it is so nice outside that I decided that I wasn't going to let that little irritation I was talking about this morning bother me. Fuck that, it's a beautiful day outside.


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