Wednesday, April 07, 2004

By the way... why are people (the cross-bearing fundamentalists) so bent on preventing gays from marrying? Why, so they can't experience the precious joy of marriage?

I'm sorry, but as a soon to be owner of property I wouldn't mind it if a few gay and married couples moved into my neighborhood. Ooops, did I just support the stereotype that gay people often appear to be hard-working, taxpaying professionals who improve their homes and keep their yards clean? Don't you ever notice that people don't call assumptions about certain groups or people stereotypes when they're 'positive' ones?

My brother actually married his partner last month and I'm very happy for them. They've been together over five years and they seem to benefit from their relationship on many levels. Not only that but I've always considered them to have a very healthy relationship better than one modeled on any guidelines set by Oprah.


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