Friday, April 23, 2004

Consumer Alert -

I've decided to do a periodic check of what appears to be marketed on the internet via our blogs...

Though I may be actually endorsing these curiousities further. (Please note, again, that I don't do so intentionally). I think that these ads are a good indication of what we are being fed or what is being trafficked on the internet. Now, much of this is not a surprise for many of us, but still I think it's a good idea to become aware of our supposed diet as consumers. Though I suppose as always we'll only learn that the internet is frequented mainly by lonely people such as the neglected and overburdened person stuck at home who spends her free time buy geegads on eBay or the poor horny bastard who can't find a date, or the poor bastard who's given up on the dating scene and resorted to the safe realm on on-line porn-sites.

Though I'm sure that this has been outlined in some economics 101 book somewhere. Unfortunately my mind is so clouded right now that Adam Smith with all of his drabness would make far more sense. I've been thinking lately that consumption is a double-sided mirror. On one side of the mirror lies their (marketers) perception of our needs: We buy or demand and they give it back to us. On the other side of the mirror is Our actual demand: They give it back to us because they perceive that we demand it.

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Comment: Get results... sounds like a claim for a hair-growth product or potting soil fertilizer... Garden Weasel?

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Comment: nice photo... are those two women?


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