Sunday, April 11, 2004

Corruption in America? Or am I waking from a funk?

I keep meaning to write more about what seems to me to be the recent up-swing in visible examples of the corruption of the privileged. I should bit on the muscle inside my mouth now - maybe just a gentle nip - as someone will undoubtly bring up the obvious point that the rich have for the most part proven their shady nature time and time again in the past.

I was writing to someone just yesterday that I felt that we're experiencing times not too unlike what was going on during the Harding and Hoover administrations. In terms of some obvious graft taking place with the government. The current executive administration seems to bow to the will of corporations. The president's cronies shamelessly flaunt their abuse of power (Cheney/Halleburton). Governments are for the most part corrupt any way you look at them. Perhaps I've been raised just to assume that human abuse of power structures is inevitable. Perhaps our I'm only seeing things subjectively because I want to see what's wrong with the current administration. However, it just seems to me that people don't openly challenge things the way they did in the 70's and 60's. Am I making a unfounded broad sweeping statement here?

I sometimes happen to be downtown when a big war protest is taking place, and It seems like just another event to pick up on people. People wearing face paint, children playing with sparklers and pin-wheels, signs that say "Meat is Murder." I wasn't really clear about what people were protesting? Were they protesting the war? No one was able to give me what I found to be a satisfactory reason for why they were there. I knew they were protesting the President's foreign policy, but NO ONE had a convincing argument that went past bumper sticker logic... they were all following a rationale similar to that Clark was accusing the President of - unsophisticated, black and white.

I wonder if we're equiped to be citizens of a true democratic republic. Maybe it's just me.


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