Sunday, April 25, 2004


I haven't been living inside a paper bag, but I cannot understand how we can live with these kind of people in such high offices of government power.

Cheney is a cocksucking (I'm sorry I know that someone once told me that people who swore usually had less of a vocabulary; however, I don't believe that DICK is worth wasting my effort and vocabulary on) corrupt bastard.

Fat Dragon! Is this reactionary of me to say this, that it seems that the extremely rich only get fatter? We have executives who garnish their earnings from retirement funds and company holdings... and they essentially get away with it. We have Fat Cats like DICK. You want to know where our tax dollars are going. They are going to support this war. There are so many fishy things about how Cheney was so adamant about pushing the war on Iraq. Read below and perhaps you'll understand. What I don't understand is why more Americans aren't at least skeptical about what is going on or even irate. We've become so tired and worn. We've forgotten about our responsibility to understand where the government is leading us. Many of use are just so tired and jaded. Growing numbers of us are unemployed and growing desparate to find ways to support ourselves. The middle class may not have hit rock bottom but it is shrinking.

The other night I had French Revolutionary Fantasies about the guilotine, cheney, and bush. It's a fantasy, Okay! Me? Madame Defarge Pix? Wait, I don't have a wart on my nose.

Read if you want to puke:¬Found=true


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