Thursday, April 29, 2004

Fuck, do I have to go back to school...

Someone just suggested that I go back to school to study human factors engineering or pursue my degree in econ... I think I dropped this idea 2nd semester of my Freshman year in college.

Do I really need to go back to school? I hate school, I don't mind research, or even writing papers. Though I've considered that If I want to take a path in a more analytical field. I may need to take this route. I've been considering that if I stay in a 'normal' business or corporate environment... Hopefully at a smaller company. I will have to look for a different role. Aye... Considering the possibilities and the condition the market is in now, I know my choices are limited, but I'm willing to fight for a role where I have more contact with people, where I have the opportunity to learn as well as mentor and teach others.

I still feel that I need to break away from that notion that I am and will be chained to a role where most of my work will be analytical. That's defeatist In-hell talk speaking:
*That's four and half years of working for an organization that encourages paranoia in their employees and not always in the constructive sense.
*That's the poison gaseous atmosphere of breathing in the gassy bloat of an department (my sub group) that's become entrenched in bureaucracy due to years without dynamic change.

No, I'm going to try to plug my ears whenever I hear that. To bastardize the words of some well-quoted 19th century German philosopher...What I don't worry about doesn't weigh me down. To paraphrase that well-known southern belle... I'll worry about all that when it's about to bite me in the ass.

Dont, worry none, boss. I'll keep my eye out for what needs be.


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