Friday, April 09, 2004

House update

I put an offer up on another home that we found. It
was not as pretty as the last, but the listing
agent/realtor for this home didn't seem to have such a
big drilling bug up her ass. I haven't been talking
about what's been going on in great detail but here's
a summary the events that have taken place since last

Last Friday - I'd asked the realtor to put a hold on
my earnest money on House #1 (the 1911 house with the
beautifully remodeled kitchen). We submitted my
acknowledgement of the offer. My realtor calls the
listing agent for this home and the woman off-handedly
makes a threat by telling us that there have been two
additional offers made on the house. Plus the two that
were in competition with me earlier. This truly
started to ring fishy with me. I told my realtor, "You
know I am willing to put up the amount that I agreed
to pay for this home, but if they or (the listing
agent) persists in playing these sort of manipulative
games, I will withdraw my offer. I don't want to do
business with people who behave in such an
unprofessional way."

Saturday - Went to view the house again to get a
better look at everything. I took my father & J with
me. We came to agree that there were some problems
with the house that I may have to deal with. I didn't
feel comfortable with the fact that the owners were in
the house while we were viewing it and trying very
hard to persuade me that their house was an
'excellent' buy. They showed me pictures of their home
before the restoration. Which was nice, but still I
got the sense that they were being a little pushy.
That night I spent more time reassessing the
neighborhoods I was looking at and made up a new list
of about 15 more homes to view.

Sunday- I decide not to take the house and cancel the
offer. During the day I went around N. Portland,
scouring every street and stopping at every open house
I could find (even the more expensive houses). I had
been doing this for the last 4 Sundays. Of all the
houses I saw... I really liked the house I described
below. I was very impressed by the fact that it was so
close to the MAX and downtown. I decided that I would
put an offer on the house.

Monday/Tuesday The seller of Home#1 calls my realtor
directly. He's extremely irate and basically confronts
her using some obscenities. For real. Owners of house
#2 send me a counter offer.

Wednesday- I accept the counter offer and I set up an
appointment for the home inspection.

Friday- I downloaded a home inspection kit, just
because I wanted to be educated on the whole
inspection procedure.

There are some extremely good points about this house
and some caveats as well (god I hate using this word
now because it's strewn over staff room talk and
documents left and right at work. I'll bet most of
these people don't know more than 15 phrases or words
in Latin. It's pretty sad)

- Walking distance to the MAX line/ going downtown
- less than 5 minutes from Downtown
- Very close to shopping
- Nice up and coming neighborhood with a lot of
younger couples moving in.
- On a quieter street
- Nearby a school - one that I've substitute taught at
and actually liked
-House was built after 1950's
-We can furnish and decorate the house with a
mid-century modern/dansk look and it won't look out of
-It felt nice inside.
-We checked the attic and the crawlspace and found the
house to be well-insulated.
-The couple who is selling is retiring and has lived
there for almost 30 years
- The house seems to be well taken care of... the yard
is in pretty good shape.
- Gas not oil. Means I can get a kick ass stove.
- Hardwood floors under the carpet.
- The neighborhood has promise, as it's right off the new MAX line.

- Street is not finished and is rough
- Neighborhood crime stats have improved, but they
have a spotty history
- There is a hotel two blocks away
- The water tower is located 3 blocks away and you can
view it from the house
- The house down the street looks a little sketchy
- The house is located on a road that passes behind
two houses. We're facing the yards of two houses.


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