Thursday, April 22, 2004

I need to take a quick break here from what I'm doing... at work

This morning I was driving to the freeway behind a guy in an SUV complete with a ski-rack. He had a Nader 2000 sticker on the back of his car next to one in Rasta colors that spelled out IRIE. Before I say what he was or what he looked like please note that I mentioned that he had a ski rack on top of his car. As soon as he made a right turn out of my sight, the started playing "Free to Be U and Me" on the radio (okay, I was listening to the local kids station. sometimes I need to brighten my day with child-like goofiness rather than tarnish it with bad news about the adult world. By the way.. did you hear that they're temporarily shutting down the porn industry because of an AIDS scare. Freakasaurus Rex!


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