Thursday, April 01, 2004

I think I found a place that actually felt right

In my search for "a place for my stuff," I did find a place that seemed to work for me. I didn't feel terribly out of sorts in it... and the Kitchen was re-done quite beautifully with granite countertops. There's a wet-bar, a hot-tub and a dog kennel out back for Dr. O. Generally, the place felt as if it had been loved and cared for, not slapped together with the latest doodads from home-depot just as a way to make extra cash. It's not in the best, best part of North Portland, but it is still in the area that could improve with the opening of the new MAX line. I stayed up late last night working with the realtor to get an offer set.

I'm a little freaked out right now... okay, that's an understatement. I'm pretty fragmented and on the edge right now... but I just have to let out a little sigh, straighten my skirt and pick up. I'll be fine. I'll be okay.


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