Friday, April 23, 2004

I think the problem

in working in a corporate environment is that you become spoiled and dependant upon the paycheck. You become dependant on mother corporation's teat. Sometimes, and if you're in a position where you're not exactly expendable. They will work you so hard that you will feel either too tired to look for another job or convinced that there's nothing better for you to do out there.

I'm beginning to believe that this attitude is no different than a prison.

Julia, Thanks for the note on! I look took my assessment and it looks like I should go back into a profession where I am helping others... probably teaching. I do enjoy working with kids a great deal... even though I am not you're average portrait of a kindergarten teacher. Oy, did I swear that I would never go back into teaching. I really did not like working with the other teachers (mainly the suburban ones...I don't know how to play nicely with most of them and I don't understand their scrapbook culture, but getting a position in a good urban school is terribly difficult).... guess I'd have to work for it. I think now if I were to try to apply for a job as a teacher I would promote myself in terms of what I could bring into the school community.


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