Sunday, April 04, 2004


This was posted off of another blog. This is probably not the most original crackpot approach to understanding relationships, but I still found it pretty laughable.

Bullus Shitus.

From the text:
We were born whole and complete individuals. We became wounded in relationships during the early nurturing and socialization stages of development by our primary caretakers (usually inadvertently, in relationships with parents who were doing their best). We developed a composite image of all the positive and negative traits of our primary caretakers deep in our unconscious mind. This we call our "Imago." It is like a blueprint of the one we need to marry someday.

Didn't someone named Freud come up with this one?

We marry someone who is an Imago Match; that is, someone who matches this blueprint of the composite image of our primary caretakers. This is important because we marry for the purpose of healing and repairing the unfinished business of childhood. Since we were wounded in relationship we need to repair in a relationship.

Uh, I don't know about you, but I usually run from any inkling that a man is openly comparing me with his mother. This, in fact, makes my skin crawl.


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