Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Ode to La Perruque

Definition: an act in which the employee does things for him or herself while ostensibly working for the boss—writing a love letter on the job, for example, or using the company's tools to make something to take home. These acts persist despite measure takento repress them. *

All the talk lately about "The Man" has got me into this idea and notion that it might be possible to subvert him... at least in little ways. Whatever happened to the spirit of resistance from the 60's and the 70's? I'll tell you what happened. Most people discovered that it's not really possible (as Alan put it) to counter "The Man." So most of us have relented to a state of complacency. We find ways to live in the system and at times do make attempts to get around it.

La Perruque and Dilbert:



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