Monday, April 12, 2004

Our responsibility

In response to Brian:

Yes, I agree. Maybe I'm projecting my own situation on others as usual, but it seems like the average hardworking American has less time to get involved with government (local and otherwise). We are one of the most over-worked people on the planet. With many of us receiving less vacation than our European and even Japanese counterparts, and more of us working longer business hours, who has the time to really become involved with the governing process and politics? However, it is after all a responsibility we have as citizens of a democracy. Though the nature of our democracy is far different than that of the concept of the city-state per Solon and the idea of the polis, we still have a civic duty to become as involved as we can. Funny, how I didn't really start considering this until I started noticing how much of my earnings were being siphoned off by taxes.

I don't think I'll ever become one of those concerned citizens that runs for city council, but you know I think the media and lawyers have pushed the rung reserved for politicians further up towards the day-time world of good... or at least displaced them so that they're higher up away from the 'inferno.' Though you all may have another opinon about this.
For the past few years of my life, my appreciation of our freedoms as Americans has truly become cemented in my understanding of what it is like to be an American, and I don't need to wear flag earrings or oversized sweatshirts with flag-motifs... maybe a Wonder Woman outfit, who knows.

Definition of the polis and democracy.


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