Thursday, April 01, 2004

Tie me down, tie me up

In response to Brian:

Hmmm... I've thought that buying a house might tie me down. I've entertained this fear for the last five years. However, I'm looking at this purchase as more of an investment. I guess I'm sounding 'right out of the book' right now, but I've been toying withe the idea of home ownership for the past few years. My only hesitation is that I could be buying a little too early at this point in time. Not because I'm setttlin' because this place is perfect for me... but because I could be buying before the time that I'm not buying at the exact time that most strategically advantageous for buyers. Maybe if I waited a little more and locked in on an interest rate right now I could have better purchasing power for my money in 2-3 months. In respects to being tied down? Yes, I considered that, but I'm trying to buy a prop in an area that would be attractive for re-sale within 2-3 years or even as a good rental (to people who would be responsible renters). This neighborhood has some potential for growth. God, I sound like one of those droning grubbing folks. Really... for me... I just want a little security, piece of mind. I guess i'd also like to save enough to buy more property... just enough to keep me safe. Hmmmm... five years ago I wouldn't have even thought this.

As an aside, it looks like someone put in another offer on this property. I'm going to leave my offer as it stands. Although this is the perfect property for me right now. I somehow know that I may be able to enounter other opportunities that will be just as nice as this one. I know what I want, but I won't feel entirely pressured to buy right now as I have a place to live. I've never responded well to being pressured into anything. I'm pretty stubborn and bullheaded that way. So no, I don't actually enjoyed being tied up... literally, that is.


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