Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Two more potshots, and then I'm done... for now

From match.com

EXAMPLE #1: SWM, age 35
Comment: This guy must work in marketing

Buckle Up!I am very athletic, educated, motivated, attractive, and hard working. I work hard and play hard. I am financially secure and easy going.

EXAMPLE #2: SWF Age 35
Comment: Lucky for this gal that there are plenty o' fellas (feelers) that are into her sort of thing. Kathy Lee couldn't twinkle as brightly... if you ask me anyone who writes this way probably has the potential of becoming an obsessive psycho.

Sparkly, Fun and Fit
I've been told that I'm "cute as a button". Well.....it was my Uncle Wayne when I was six ;)I love my workouts at the gym

Oh by the way (this goes for both sexes)...

those sunglasses don't make you look any thinner.


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