Thursday, April 08, 2004

Watch who you're putting the blame on

Off the blogger main site, I found this link:

It brings up a point which I felt was ignored by many people who argued against the outsourcing debate. I myself have felt a little unnerved about the notion that my job or many other jobs like it are being re-located to India, Malaysia, and elsewhere; however, as I've mused before, it seems that blaming a nation and it's people was at most counter-productive and detrimental to our cause.

We should instead be questioning HR and management... perhaps even the whole ethiacl or un-ethical nature of corporations in general.... God, how communist of me?!***

It is clear that the Indian government and outsourcing agencies (based both in India and the US) have a vested interest in getting US businesses to look their way. However, I think, as always, we should always be wary of pinpointing our anger on specific groups... or that would seem a bit 'pin-headed' of us wouldn't it?

***Really, I'm not a communist I swear. I tried being libertarian for awhile and that didn't sit right. I don't trust the Democrats what am I? Let's just say I didn't vote for NADER... what a sanctimonious ass!


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