Wednesday, May 12, 2004

1000 Acre Woodies

I have a good friend who feels that the character roster from Winnie the Pooh basically covers the gamut of personalities whom you will meet in your life. If you want a good story with a cast of characters that works you should include one of each of the following:

Tigger - peppy individual who has adult ADD, in your face type, individual who is always getting into trouble.
Eeeyore - sullen depressive individual whose mutterings like those of most cynics usually hit the nail on the head
Pooh- dumb, yet loveable protagonist who is the glue that holds everyone in the circle together
Owl- The smarty pants who stays aloof through everyone’s misadventures (though as far as I’m concerned the story could go on with out him, because who the hell needs a smarty pants around to tell you what you did wrong).
Rabbit- the neurotic busy-body who acts as the comic relief, to his or her chagrin (sometimes the gay character… now don’t get pissed at me for saying this, but it’s true: C-3PO from Star Wars, that guy from Will and Grace… not that I watch the show or anything)
Piglet – the annoying child-actor
Kanga- The mother-figure
Christopher Robin – you can fill in the blanks for him, personally I thought he was the most uninteresting of the cast and I could care less what happened to him.

Am I missing anyone?

Though… how does this explain.. Friends?!

Brian, you should like which ever character suits you. Of all the characters from AA Milne’s classic children’s story, I too could relate to Eeyore the most. I sort of like his thoughtful sullen behavior lightly peppered with cynicism. Those people who like the other characters? I'm not sure I can relate to them. I'm sure you've all known someone who decided that they identified with Tigger because he was the cool/daredevil character, who if he was a young man in his early twenties would probably be a boarder of some sort who ends up on a t.v. show like Jackass. I met a girl one time who decided to have the character tattooed on her calf... now how will she explain this to the orderly who's bathing her in the home?


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