Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Are you bored?

Do you know about that game "Sims?" It's a cute little electronic doll house game you can play on your average pc.

Here's a cool experiment and craftsy thing to do in your spare time in the vitriol reality world. All the talk on the 'scene' about reality television reminded me of this.

Homemade "Real Whorl"
1.)Pick the maxiumum number of people who can go in a house (I think the number is eight).

2.)Model each of the characters from people you've encountered in your life... that you can't stand. Make sure that at least one of them is a disgustingly sloven sloth and another is a super neurotic and controlling freak (male or female does not matter for either character).
3.)Create the smallest house possible and fit it with the following features:
- 1 toilet
- 2 beds
- 1 microwave
- 1 sink
- a few odd pieces of furniture.
- minimal lighting
4.)You cannot include the following items:
- a television
- a radio
- a bath or shower
- a bookshelf.
5.) Let the game run and check it in a few hours.

Of course there are countless variations you can try. I know, I'm awful. I shared this trick in a web/tech usage course I took one summer and I got a few exasperated sighs from some of the people in the class. One of them was from my place of work.


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