Saturday, May 15, 2004

e-text and the bubble-girl

Yesterday, J. and I were looking up something on the internet. He asked me if I finally set up my printer and if it was working. I confirmed this, but then added, "I'm not really into printing stuff out anymore, I'd rather read it electronically." I then realized that I'd made a big jump from that world where tactile contact with words and paper was necessary into the world of e. To the chagrin of most friends of the eocology, even up to two to three years ago, I would print out whatever I received or read on the internet. In true Imogene fashion, I did discovered that again, my laziness required me to adapt and evolve to the whims of technology. I found that the more I printed things out, the more crap I had to throw away. I was becoming somewhat neat and organized, not because of some neurotic urge to keep my hands busy, but because I didn't want to expend my extra energy organizing to clean.

This whole e-world of blog is such a strange place. People are blogging like crazy. As I sift through the lists of blog titles I think wonder, "Does my blog title sound that inane?", "Does it matter?" or "Is it all about blathering, confessing, rambling?". I read other people blogs and see that they are just trying to make some sense of reality (just like me?). Actually, I set up this blog just so I could bitch, didn't you know?

Maybe all this blogging is countering the brain-crack distributed through the t.v., the traditional culprit of all of our society's ills. Though I think in some sense the blog is there to re-affirm our ego or even declare who we are, whether or not we support the war or what sort of movies, books, and videogames we buy. We may publish our words in 'public' and some of us may even hope that someone else is reading our thoughts as we relate them here. But keeping a journal of any sort is just a way to keep an inventory of ourselves.

Blogging has become a way of searching out others who may be like ourselves... or at least like-minded. Though I can't help but read the thoughts of a 'video game junkie' (for about three seconds), or take a peek at the 'underbunny,' I'm still out there like countless others searching for people who are, well, sort of like me. Maybe there's too much of a radical sociologist in me, but I can't help but hope that this is our response as 'social' human beings to a world where we're often isolated in bubbles: bubble of the home, bubble of myself, bubble of the cube. I want to pop all those bubbles... maybe others do too.


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