Saturday, May 08, 2004

Here's a tip for you when you're packing

Boxes... not heat.

Leave the packing tape dispenser in the same spot after using it. I must have lost the damn thing three times today. Duh.

I had to pack my books away, but there were a few that I decided to leave out:
1.) Lapsing into a Comma: A Curmudgeon's Guide to the Many Things That can Go Wrong in Print - and How to Avoid them - Bill Walsh
2.) Tom Jackson's Power Letter Express
3.) Famous Voodo Rituals and Spells - H.U. Lampe
4.) Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy - Jay Sankey
5.) Illuminations - Arthur Rimbaud
6.) King Lear

I have a few aimless moments on my hands, or at least I aiming to have them because I've decided that I can't live without moments that I save just for myself. So why not read.

Books I decided to toss:
1.) Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - (Shit, now they will probably advertise Covey Crap in the banner)
2.) Practically Married (I won't mention the author and don't ask why I have this).
3.) Java 2
4.) Building Applications with MS Outlook
5.) Martha Stewart's Just Desserts

I still am struggling with writing the perfect cover letter and though. I'm always a bit worried that when I really want a job I might write it in the sense that I sound over-eager, but then on the other hand isn't that near what they want.

I think I made a fox passe in the last letter I sent out because I was complimenting the work done by the company or their product line. I guess the 'bottom line' is that I don't yet know how to effectively give compliments without sounding like a complete dunkus. I really don't know how to speak corporate business speak that well; perhaps that's why I'm still an over-glorified secretary.

Too, I have this problem with imagining the words coming out of my mouth:

I believe the qualities you seek in a hum-ho-ho-diddy closely match the ones I've developed in my role as a ding-ding-doo-dah with one of the most prestigeous companies in the ya-ya-ya-mo industry.

A friend of mine asked me if I got some power by wriiting totally outrageous letters or resumes. I admitted I did, as in the example of my dumbed down resume which was inspired by "F that" I really can't take this job hunt thing too seriously, because I'll tell you that every job I ever got happened when I was really relaxed and just being myself. I've had a history of loosing only two and that happened when I was really trying to impress someone. Now, I don't want to release this fallacious idea that you can succeed in life by being a half-ass, but the moral of the story here is that good things happen to those who work hard to their own beat.

And voodoo...(though I don't mean to be down on any one's religion) it seems to me that my adolescent pre-occupation with the stuff stemmed from the my attraction to exotica as a powerful draw to others that and I was just curious. As I was flipping through the pages of this booklet, I realized that much of the power that comes from this stuff came from the idea that you could fix your fate as you would a cup of tea or a batch of cookies. (I bought this book my Freshman year of college). If you read Mak's entry you can find out how long ago this was. Though I did read once that 'goofer dust' or the dust from graveyards could cause grave illness and for a reason, you know, dirt near graves picks up any sort of nastiness from the people buried there obviously... would you like some typhus with your tea?


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