Monday, May 24, 2004

Hooray for Medford, OR!

Looks like the folks in Medford said no to 'Ball Mart' building another store in their town. Like Englewood, CA folks they finally put their foot down. I'm still looking for the article to confirm this, but I heard it on the OPB radio news last week. Small towns and suburbs should be afraid of companies that could boast an economy (if they were a country in itself) to rival Saudi Arabia.

Wal-mart sucks the life out of small-town America and much of the profits don't even get fed back into the communities they siphon. I'm sorry, I guess I've got an opinion about this (and apparently so do countless others).

In the mean time for your reading pleasure there are scores of others apparently who can't stand the large discount chain.

An interesting collection of articles and commentary:

In Fayetteville AK (in the same state as the company world HQ):
For dignity and peace... though is b-mart a major contributor to the war machine?

The FAA against Tight Mart:

Fish lovers, even. Gold-fish abuse at Gall Mart

Jeezus, no one likes this company. In summary, I ran a few google searches on Small(head)Mart (the company not the shoppers) and I found
countless websites, blogs, essays and news stories that had less than positive things to say about the company. Many entries or pages are titled "I hate #!?@ Mart, or Why %$#( Mart is Evil, etc. Perhaps Maul Mart will be the whipping boy for America's anti corporate sentiments, who knows... but how can you look fondly on a company that abuses cute little gold fish? And I'm not even a militant animal rights supporter.

Medford City Council Hears Arguments Against the Ball Mart:

And the answer is "Keep Wal... I mean Ball Mart out of our town:


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