Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I figured the only way for me to truly purge my blog of the unmentionable ads that appear in the banner above is to return to writing more about food.

You know watch the people at work and I've been noticing myself lately, but people tend to shove food in their mouths when they're upset or bored. Food is the cheapest drug you can find (well maybe not the cheapest, but it's the most plentiful). You can eat and you can snack, but it still is important to do so wisely. It does sadden me and make me upset to see people shoving low-quality food in their mouths...and far too much of it. I know that eating for comfort is something that isn't just a female behavior. I've seen people in my own family gain weight because they ate to relieve their stress.

I found a recipe for baked tofu sticks recipe in one of the Moosewood cook books (the "New Classics"). It's a good healthy snack i've relied on a number of times.


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