Friday, May 28, 2004

I just sent my latest resume and cover letter (brief and concise of course) because you must always use words economically in this environment. I felt pretty good about it, but that rarely means anything. I just have to keep on practicing, keep on trying. It's been helping for me to imagine myself when I have been successful and when I've gotten past a big milestone. I hate that word. Makes me think of millstone and how in many cases some groups will have you dragging one around your neck if you're not careful.

I understand the value of hardwork, but often I feel like there has to be a point to what I'm doing, and that I'm helping my entire team be successful.

Our manager had a little talk to us today about how the upper-management is realizing that many people feel under-appreciated. For some of us, in some groups this is coming a little too late. Perhaps filtering down effective management/motivational style and sensitivity training to some of the managers here might have helped.


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