Wednesday, May 19, 2004

If Imo were manager

Sorry, I guess I've been into making lists lately. The following would occur... of course I'm only dreaming:

1.) The right people would be doing the right job... not other people's. No more engineers doing administrative work. No more excessive dumping of work on admins. Administrative assignments would be assigned to groups appropriately. Admins wouldn't necessarily be the first to be laid off.

2.) Teamwork is valued over despotism/or hierarchy. Leaders regularly communicate and share information with their employees instead of hoarding it. Employees can feel free to share their progress without the fear that the will be micromanaged. Effective teambuilding occurs in order to faciliate communication and build a healthy atmoshpere and culture.

As an added note to this bullet, I shared this list to a colleague and he noted that this wasn't a namby pamby communist environment that we work in. That leaders at times are required to make curt decisions and steer processes rather than guide and take input from their employees. While I tend to agree for the most point it seems to me that many groups including some of the groups I have worked with here have managers who are on one end of the controlling/micromanaging spectrum.

3.)Job-sharing and regular rotation would be encouraged as necessary measure for maintaining organizational health.

4.) Projects/Goals are assessed correctly</em>-
Project Goals are determined using the following basis:
-The overall return on investment (time, $, man(woman) hours).
-What good does the project do for the company/community?
-Are these goals realistic? Are more heads needed to achieve them?

5.) All cultural groups are respected and considered for positions.

6.) Employees get the tools they need to do their jobs. (Training, software, equipment, etc.)

I think that I've written this manifesto here mainly in response to what I've seen and experienced in working for this organization.


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