Saturday, May 01, 2004

The last straw?

Latest ads posted on this blog:

The band, the music New album coming Spring 2004

This pisses me off... though for a minute there I thought they were advertising on of Noam Chomsky's books along side the abhorrent duo's propoganda. I don't agree with everything Chomsky says but still it would be more than justly ironic for these two things to be posted next too each other.

Bush Cheney 2004 Gear
Bush 2004 Hats, Shirts, Magnets, Pins, Stickers
(Only if I get to stick those pins into the candidates themselves)... do you think some jack-ass in the cia is scanning blogs for people talking about doing un-holy things to bush and cheney. Oy, they must have their hands full!

Uhg... here's more... I've become an inadvertant bumper sticker for everything I disagree with. My only hope is that some fundy-winger is getting ads for porno and herpes meds on their blessed pages... For real, this is making me want to remove my blog from this vehicle.I believe that these 'others' have just as much right to speak or advertise whatever beliefs they have. Just not on my page.

Build a Stronger America
Support the RNC and the President's Compassionate Conservative agenda.

**Compassionate enough to send people to die in the Middle East? For a war motivated primarily by profiteers like boss cheney?
**Compassionate enough to turn their backs on upstanding gay citizens who only seek the right to be treated as the rest of us? Why anyone would want to actually get married though is beyond me.
**Compassionate and conservative? Who wrote this?!!!The only people who will believe that conservatives are compassionate are conservatives themselves... are the conservatives themselves. It may be a rallying point for them, but they're welcome to it.
**Compassionate to those many middle-class people who are loosing their jobs?
**Compassionate to those small business owners who have fallen victim to corporate giants such as Wal-mart?
**Compassionate to those businesses who must pay higher insurance fees (which exorbinant costs may threaten to drive them out of business) because of litigation spurred by large corporations and rich lobbies?
**Compassionate to the millions of people in this country who do not have health-care?

It's really funny how they assume that they can build a stronger America by stamping out what they believe to be deviant; unfortunately, they don't see that some of the ideas and innovations that our country is most known for come from people who were either seen as deviants or kicked out of their country because they were deviant in some way shape or form.

Don't get me wrong... I want a stronger America, but one where our basic freedoms are not compromised, and I don't have to hear these whiney jackasses complaining about how the fabric of their morality is disintegrating every day. In a sense when we complain about what we disagree with in these blogs the blogger is doing us a grave diservice by publicizing the very things we dispise. Why not advertise the things that we uphold. Normally people of like minds are going to read what we post... these ads that counter what we say and think may fall on deaf ears.

I feel like I need to cleanse this blog.. these pages...(hey, they're only words... I don't necessarily embrace all of these concepts whole-heartedly...not listed in any order of importance/priority or relation to each other!!!)

gay marriage; reproductive freedom;free-will; chains; whips; regulation of corporations; multi-cultural; joy of anal sex (not me); sexual ectasy; recycling; vasectomy; shoebox; obscenity; oral; minds; bi-sexuality; tubal ligation; boobs; ass; cock; pussy; pussy; profanity; IUD; cock-rings;KY jelly; Single women (independant); the pill; Mel Gibson is a psychopath and a meglomaniac addict; conservatives (fundamentalist christians) need more enemas; fuck; unmarried; paper-clip; bondage; hybrid cars; thought; power; dildoes galore; corporate tax; feminine hygiene; freedom of religion; concern for the environment; pocket pussy; enjoyment; atheism; abandon; hippopotamus; hedonism; bran; naked; boobs...boobies (mr. ashcroft)... big beautiful bouncy boobies!; national healthcare; ecology; condoms; consumer-power; crotchless panties; homosexuality; fork; kiss my ass; anti-marriage; nipple rings; non-stick spray; multiple partners; lust; depravity; sex-toys; orgies; buffet o' sex; black baby jesus; stick it to the man; fun; freedom; self-control; dinosaurs; abortions; small-business tax breaks; animal rights; glans; mixed racial marriages; bi-racial babies; freedom to choose; freedom to make one's own decisions; musical; deviant; happy; S & M; fellatio; respect for other cultures; anti-superstore meglo-chains; dental dams; support of one's country; lemur; separation of church and state; lube; fingering; People who shop at Bulk shops are doomed to have heart disease; sex; freedom of speech; clitoris; Jesus was black;
separation of church and state


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