Sunday, May 09, 2004

Loretta Lynn's Ode to Portland

I was just having a brief discusion on Maktaaq's site about Loretta Lynn (goddess...sorry, I have to add). She and Jack White (of White Stripes fame) have collaborated on a project which included a song called Portland, OR. The Oregonian (that fine well-written publication put out in our town) chided Ms. Lynn for painting an unsavory picture of PDX. Why she didn't even mention our greenery or the rose gardens! they proclaimed.

Well, I've got some proof (and I have many other stories of events witnessed in the past) that there is veracity to the depiction in Ms. Lynn's song. Portland is not only a town of two-bit gin joints and one night stands... it's a place (like many other cities) where the you will find many a waitstaff high on cocaine or people shooting junk in the bathroom of some afterhours joint. There are beautiful Rose Gardens but there are also homeless who may sleep on the park benches. I only want to remind these ridiculous and uptight dipshits (at the Oregonian and others with like complaints) that they live in a city, and every city has it's seedy underside. Urban life in America has both and attractive and an ugly side. We can learn and benefit from both. We can try to make things better, but for crying out loud we can't ignore one over the other.

Hungry after 11:00 PM on Thursday night we ended up at the Montage on 'Produce Row.' J. spent at least 20 minutes waiting for the bathroom. A line started to pile up behind him. The restroom's occupants seemed crowded and there was a constant and hurried scuffling behind the door. Finally, J pounded on the door and yelled, "Hey, -----, quit shooting up in there!"


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